• Sclerotinia Stem Rot Microbial Life

Soil application during planting and the phases of early vegetative and canopy stages.

Sclerotina is a fungal white mould growth on your plants' stems and leaves.

Sclerotinia Stem Rot can be used together with other Soygro inoculants.

It must be noted that the application of any chemical fertilizer will negate most of the benefits of using these products, if you would like more information on how to use these products or to convert your garden to healthy, organic garden please give us a call.

As the Soygro inoculum is a living product, once opened it cannot be stored and must be used immediately. It is best to apply the inoculum as soon as you have planted the seed so that the biologicals will be available to attach to the root as soon as the seed germinates.

Early inoculation is by far the best. However these inoculums can be applied at transplant or later if you missed the seeding stage.

3 x 2ml

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Sclerotinia Stem Rot

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