• Sea-Boost 500ml Garden Accessories

Sea-Boost is a conbination of Ocean-Fert (fish emulsion) and Kelp (sea plants). This is a multiple liquid organic fertilizer and bio-stimulant which has qualified as and organic plant food with S.G.S. and is registered with Law No. 36 of 1947.

It contains N 5.5%, P 0.8% and K i.8% macro-elements plus all necessary micro-elements for optimum plant growth, this is not just a plant feeder but also a bio-stimulant aimed at increasing vigorous plant growth.

Sea-Boost is 100% organic, this fish emulsion and seaweed is excellent for transplanting, wilting flowers, stressed plants and excellent for blooming and general feeding, it will give your plants a real boost.

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Sea-Boost 500ml Garden Accessories

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