Seed Collections

We have put together a number of seed collections based on the most requested varieties across our website.

Set varieties have been included into a seed collection at a discounted rate, this makes it easier for you the customer to choose the most popular seed varieties in each collection.


Please note that these are full seed packets and we have not reduced the seed count to make the collection seem cheaper.

Cherry Tomato Assortment August

Cherry Tomato Assortment

A wonderfully coloured range of our delicious cherry tomatoes, which will add great taste and colour..

R116.00 Ex Tax: R116.00

Colourful Rainbow Bean Collection January

Colourful Rainbow Bean Collection

This collection boasts a wonderful array of colours. These bean seeds are all beautifully coloure..

R118.00 Ex Tax: R118.00

Delicious Soup Mix Seed Collections

Delicious Soup Mix

Make your own delicious, warm and hearty Winter soups with the lovely produce from this seed collect..

R95.00 Ex Tax: R95.00

Giant Tomato Combo January

Giant Tomato Combo

With this compilation of our giant tomatoes, we're sure you will go big, pun intended. Giant and ..

R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00

Livingseeds Wooden Seed Storage Box Garden Accessories

Livingseeds Wooden Seed Storage Box

1 Unit A unique Livingseeds wooden seed storage box, for you to keep all your seed packets in a s..

R336.49 Ex Tax: R292.60

Rainbow Tomato Collection January

Rainbow Tomato Collection

This collection has a beautiful array of coloured tomatoes. Adding these lovely coloured tomatoes to..

R118.00 Ex Tax: R118.00

Salad Variety Pack January

Salad Variety Pack

The Salad Variety Pack is a selecton of delicious, healthy and nutritious salad ingredients. No more..

R138.00 Ex Tax: R138.00

The Bird's-Eye Compilation January

The Bird's-Eye Compilation

This is the birds-eye range. These chillies are small in size and have a piquant flavour, so they..

R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00

The Dry Bean Variety Pack January

The Dry Bean Variety Pack

This variety pack contains 6 different dry beans that are beautifully coloured and will make delicio..

R142.00 Ex Tax: R142.00

The Late Summer -Autumn Seed Pack January

The Late Summer -Autumn Seed Pack

The late summer -Autumn Seed pack is a range of vegetables that can be grown from now till winter, a..

R230.00 Ex Tax: R230.00

The Livingseeds Top 10 Herb Collection August

The Livingseeds Top 10 Herb Collection

This collection is of the top 10 Herbs that have been purchased on our website. Grow your own lit..

R246.00 Ex Tax: R246.00

The Medium Chilli Bundle Seed Collections

The Medium Chilli Bundle

A great range of our medium heat chillies. this "bundle" will add a delicious flavour and heat to an..

R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00

The Mild Chilli Pepper Range Seed Collections

The Mild Chilli Pepper Range

This is a colourful mixture of mild chillies that will add a little something extra into any dish. ..

R115.00 Ex Tax: R115.00

The Sweet Pepper Series January

The Sweet Pepper Series

Our sweet pepper series is a compilation of the best sweet peppers that we sell. These peppers ca..

R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00

The Veggie Garden Starter Combo

The Veggie Garden Starter Combo

This combo will get any new aspiring gardener going. It has 10 different varieties of seeds that wil..

R288.00 Ex Tax: R288.00

The Winter Garden Starter Combo February

The Winter Garden Starter Combo

A range of winter crops for any gardener to start off with. This starter pack contains 6 packets ..

R130.00 Ex Tax: R130.00

Volcanic Chilli Fusion January

Volcanic Chilli Fusion

This selection is the hottest of the hot for all the extreme chilli lovers. Grow your own volcani..

R190.00 Ex Tax: R190.00

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