Shipping Information

Last Updated 30 /03 / 2019 @10h34

We are predominantly an online store, and as such make use of couriers to deliver our parcels.

Regardless of the shipping method that you choose, we have a specific routine that we try to adhere to as much as possible. However, farm-life and the weather can occasionally play havoc with our schedule.

Typically we will print and pack orders every day of the week. These orders are packed and a tracking number is issued to you. Our courier’s tracking systems will reflect your tracking number once your parcel has been collected. Our couriers usually collect parcels from The Livingseeds Farm every afternoon around 16h00

Certain products, such as our seedlings, are not shipped every day. Live plants have a specific window that we need to accommodate to ensure healthy, viable seedlings on the other end. So, depending on your location, we may hold over your seedling order until the following week.

If your order contains bulk seed then it will only be packed once all the regular orders have been consigned for the day. This could mean a 12-48 hour delay in processing of your order.


 We have a few options with regards to shipping.


1)  FREE Shipping. All South African orders over R500 will enjoy free shipping.

(Please note that this is limited to seed orders only, with a maximum packed weight of 1Kg) This specifically excludes our Sprouting and Microgreens seed, potatoes, garlic, seedlings, sweet potatoes or any already discounted seed collections.


2) Fastway Couriers are our preferred shipping option. They can ONLY deliver to a day-time street or office address in certain main centres and outlying areas. Please ensure that your street address AND postal code are entered correctly to ensure a proper quotation.

Note that certain outlying areas may only be serviced by Fastway once a week.


3) RAM Couriers deliver to ANY location in South Africa, both urban and rural. As long as you can provide a physical address and a contactable phone number, they will be able to deliver to you.


4) Postnet Counter-to-Counter. If you have a Postnet near you, this may be a preferred option in smaller towns and outlying areas.


5) Collection at The Walkerville Farmers Market. We have a collection option where you can collect your order from Morne at the Kironia stall at The WFM . Please note that this option is only available on a Saturday between 09h00 and 13h00.

Please note that collection is only available on Saturdays and we will only process orders that have payment reflecting in our account, i.e. If you place the order on a Thursday and you do NOT bank with Standard Bank then chances are that your order will only be there the following week.

Note that we will send you a confirmation of completion once your order has been processed. This confirmation will be in the form of an email and/or an SMS.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a cost for packaging and transport of your order to the Art Farm. We currently have a nominal charge for this, as well as reimbursing Morne for some of his fuel costs.

We have found that certain customers leave parcels for a number of weeks until they are ready to collect. This affects both Livingseeds Staff and Morne' our agent at the Art Farm. If parcels are not collected timeously, you will assume all risk. Any seedlings that are not collected will also not be replaced.


6) Collection at Livingseeds Farm. We have a daily collection option available at Livingseeds Farm. Please note the following:

            a) Collection is strictly between 09h00 and 15h00.

b) You will be notified when you parcel is ready for collection. We are unable to stop        other order processing if you arrive unannounced.

            b) This option is NOT available on a Saturday.

            c) At this point, it is collection only and not for product selection.



  1. Our shipping options and rates do change based on your shipping address. (Couriers cannot deliver to a postal address)


  1. For the best shipping rates, please check by changing your shipping address between your home street address and your work street address. This will allow you to choose the fastest AND most cost effective shipping option. ???


  1. Try to get some gardening friends together and combine all your orders into a single order. At best you will get free shipping, at worst you will split the shipping costs a few ways.


International Shipping and the South African Post Office.


For international shipping, your only cost effective option is the South African Post Office. Sometimes it’s great and other times it sucks.


Please note that we cannot be held liable for parcels that you have requested to be shipped via SAPO. We have as much (and probably more) frustration as you do, in terms of getting any feedback from SAPO with regards to parcel deliveries. If you choose SAPO as a delivery option, you will assume sole responsibility once we have put the parcel into their hands.