• Shubo from Kano (Nigeria)

Capsicum annuum

Shubo is a lovely medium pepper from the Kano State in Nigeria. This makes for a nice drying chilli as the wall is quite thin. The Shubo has a nice rounded chilli flavour that is not overpowering. If you are looking for a very mild pepper, use the skin only. If you want some heat... keep the seeds in.

Approx 25 seeds

Recipe: Sean's Chilli Pickle Relish

This is a raw pickle, the only thing that is cooked is half of the onions.

1 Cup Yellow Mustard seed (Our sprouting seed works well)

5 Cup Brown Sugar

3Lt Brown Grape or Malt vinegar

800 ml Chopped garlic

10 onions sliced thinly fried to transparent stage in olive oil.

10 onions raw sliced thinly into strips

1 1/2 cups salt

100gr Tamarind

250 ml Lemon juice

Approx 4 kgs of mild chillis (both red and green) sliced into rounds

Chillies can be de-fuzed by removing a % of the seeds, we generally do not add any loose seed that falls out and just keep what is in the rounds.


Heat 2 cups vinegar and dissolve tamarind and strain. Discard bits.

Add the whole lot into a plastic sealable container. Except onions

Using a stick blender, roughly blend half of the mix.

Now add onions.

Wait 2 weeks and bottle.

Put bottles in the sun turning everyday for a week.

Keep bottle in a dark place until ready for use.

To use roughly drain the vinegar leaving about 1/5th vinegar in the bottle and add olive oil, shake and use as a relish basically on anything.

This recipe is original and supplied by Sean Freeman of Livingseeds.

© Livingseeds

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Shubo from Kano (Nigeria)

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