• Sprouting Peas Sprout & Microgreen Seed

Sprouting Peas

(Pisium sativum)

Succulent, tender, sweet and appetising. The best words to describe flavour of Sprouting peas.

As a sprout, peas are grown to the point where a long root about 3-4cm is evident. The Peas plump-up and are exceptionally sweet with a distinct pea flavour. Used in salads, stir-frys and as a cooked ingredient to add interest in many meals.

As a Microgreen, Sprouting peas are a truly exciting addition, often used as edible garnish for plates, they are far better suited to mini-leaf salads or as a topping on cooked veggies. Thrown into a stir-fry or soup right at the end of cooking, these microgreens provide beautiful a tasty interest to any dish.

 Specially selected seed for use in Livingseeds Sprouting and Microgreening Systems


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Sprouting Peas Sprout & Microgreen Seed

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