• Sprouting System (Full Kit) Sprout & Microgreen Seed

Welcome to the world of Sprouting!!!

The Livingseeds Sprouting System contains.

4 x Livingseeds Sprouting System™ Lids (fits most commonly available 750ml glass jars)
1 x 200 gr Sprouting Mung Beans
1 x 200 gr Sprouting Wheatgrass Seeds
1 x 200 gr Sprouting White Chickpeas
1 x 200 gr Sprouting Lentils
1 x 12 page Sprouting Instruction Booklet with recipes.

All that you need to supply, are recycled 750ml glass jars and water of course.

You can very easily add in extra lids at a very low cost, enabling you to expand the number of sprouters you have running at one time by purchasing extra sprouting lids.

The Livingseeds Sprouting System™ is an attractive, simple to use, home growing kit to help you produce your own healthy sprouts at a fraction of the cost of store bought sprouts.

Sprouts have high levels of naturally available vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as bio-available enzymes that help feed your body, stimulate your natural systems and protect you against free radical damage.

The vitamins and minerals found in a handful of well grown sprouts can never be replicated by any multivitamin pill.

There are certain nutrients that are ONLY available in a plant’s living form, freezing, processing or ‘nature identical’ just does not cut it. It’s just sales speak, and it’s used to get you to buy a poor facsimile of the original, often at ten times the price, or more.

With the Livingseeds Sprouting System we have given you a simple, cost effective solution to grow your own healthy sprouts. Why spend your hard earned cash on ½ a teaspoon of seed that has been pre-sprouted, when you can grow your own at less than one tenth of the price?

Each full kit weighs 1050g

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Sprouting System (Full Kit) Sprout & Microgreen Seed

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