Sweet Potato Runners

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Ipomea batatas

Sweet Potatoes have a rich history in Africa and around the world. A warm season crop that produces runners on the surface and then sends down roots for support and then producing delicious tubers that can be harvested and turned into an amazing variety of dishes.

Best planted in very well improved soil, sweet potatoes can take up a fair amount of space if left unchecked. Trained and contained they will produce handsomely in a relatively small area.

Livingseeds supplies disease free sweet potato cuttings. These cuttings will arrive slightly wilted and this should not be cause for alarm, as the wilting process actually stimulates the growth of roots.

Prior to the arrival of your sweet potato cuttings, prepare your planting site by incorporating a generous amount of well rotted organic matter. A handful of Talborne Organics BonePhos and another of Talborne Organics VitaVeg will do wonders for a bumper harvest.

Planting your runners is very simple.

Make sure your soil is moist and just bend the center of the runner in half. Make a small hole in your soil about 5 cm deep with a stick. Push the doubled runner directly into the hole and firm up.

Water every morning for the next week.

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