Please Note: These are 100% legal, and are not the Invasive Dragon Fruit species.

Livingseeds is the first seed company supplying live Dragon Fruit cuttings sourced from mature plants.

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Thai True Purple ( Hylocereus costaricensis ) is a superb variety and is slightly more cold tolerant than most other Dragon Fruit varieties. In addition, this variety is also more sun-burn resistant. This is mainly due to the thicker 'wings' that allow it to overcome these two most common issues when growing Dragon Fruit.
This variety was brought into South Africa over 30 years ago and was only available within the Thai community and never for sale commercially. We are very fortunate to be able to now supply this outstanding variety to Livingseeds customers. Unlike many of the red or purple varieties, Thai True Purple has a purple colour that holds fast and does not fade in processing.
The purple in Thai True Purple is created by a potent super-antioxidant called indicaxanthin and is one of the most potent anti-oxidants.

Livingseeds will provide you with full planting instructions that are shipped with each order.

As always on live plant matter, we have limited stocks, this will only be available for a short window. If you want to harvest your own Thai True Purple Dragoon fruit in March/April next year, this is your chance.

Thai True Purple is sold as an approximately 30cm long cutting with a pre-whittled planting spike.
These cuttings come from mature growth so there are a few points that need to be taken into account.

  • Planting from mature plant material gives you the fastest fruit harvest. (3 years from seed or 2-3 years from immature cuttings)
  • It is cold resistant meaning that it can take a light frost once or twice in a season. It is not frost hardy. If you are concerned rather put it into a large pot so you can move it indoors over really cold periods.
  • Mature plant matter often has blemishes, these are of no concern as once they grow away they will produce beautiful, vigorous growth.
  • If grown well, you will harvest fruit in the first season.
  • Fruits from Thai True Purple get to a good 500g in weight.
  • The flowers are the size of a dinner plate, are white, stunningly scented and only open for a single evening.
  • Flowering will be in January/February with your own tasty fruits ready in Autumn.
  • This variety is self fertile, so you only need a single plant.

The dragon fruit is a cactus that occurs in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in Central America, where it naturally scrambles over the forest floor and clambers onto trees and rocks, fences and walls, eventually forming a vine.

Its brilliant white flowers are dinner plate sized and very fragrant, but open only for one night, giving way to a large, purple skinned, purple fleshed fruit weighing up to 500g!

The fruit are very sweet and reminiscent of Kiwi in flavour. The purple colour of the fruit is from a super-antioxidant called indicaxanthin, which is even more potent than the purple antioxidants found in beetroot and makes this variety especially healthy and worthwhile growing.

H. costaricensis grows fast and easily in sun or semi-shade.  
Soil should be nutrient rich but well draining, and dragonfruit in general need a fair amount of moisture, despite being cacti, but the soil should be allowed to dry out before watered again.
Plants grow very fast when fertilised and can produce fruit in their second season.
Dragon fruit need strong support, and you can provide this with a classic dragon fruit pole, or trellis, or tree, or sturdy fence or wall.
Prefers higher temperatures and will not withstand frost.
Flowering takes place in summer ( normally January/February) with fruit harvested from March onwards, although they may flower and fruit consecutive cycles over a season in good climates.

Priced per cutting.

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Thai True Purple Dragon Fruit

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