Nicotiana rustica

Mapacho and was brought to South Africa by a traveling ayahuascero for ceremonial use. It is also known as Aztec or Strong tobacco.

This is one of the original tobacco varieties. Mapacho tobacco probably originated in South America and was grown by the ancestral native Americans for used in their traditional ceremonies.

Nicotine levels in well grown plants are up to 9 times higher than regular tobacco.

Mapacho is traditionally sundried and rolled into 'logs' for curing, however it can be flue cured if you have the expertise. Containing a much higher nicotine content than normal hybrid varieties, this rich flavoured tobacco will produce some of the best, craft smoking leaf you will experience.

Mapacho Tobacco seeds are exceptionally tiny and should be surface sown on a high quality germination mix. Cling wrap the trays/plugs to conserve moisture and apply bottom heat with a heating mat.

This is a strong, easy growing variety. A high Nitrogen fertilizer like the Talborne Organics Vita Green is essential to get a good leaf crop.

Once growing away, they are very hardy and robust and do not often suffer from pests.

Standard Pack approx 100 seeds

Petite pack 30 seeds

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