• Tomatillo Vegetable Seeds

Tomatillo's are my favorite new fruit of the season. They are related to gooseberries and grow in a sprawling habit with similar husks around the fruit. The taste is quite hard to describe as the flavour changes with ripeness. If picked too early they have no flavour at all, when picked green the mix and intensity of flavours is quite incredible. There are hints of light sweet gooseberry, tomato, kiwi and possibly even prickly pear in each bite. A stunning fruit that can eaten straight off the plant or turned into jam, used fresh in fruit salads and if you want to make real authentic Mexican Salsa, you have to have Tomatillo's! Approx 20 seeds Planting: Plant in Spring after last frost, or alternatively plant in a cold frame from August to get a head start and early fruit. can be planted until Dec for a late summer crop. As it has a sprawling habit, tomatillos do well planted in a tomato frame or trained up some support. Enjoys rich soil with a high organic content.

Standard packet contains approx 25 seeds

Petite packet contains approx 10 seeds

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Tomatillo Vegetable Seeds

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