Tsai-Tsai Radish

(Raphinus sativa)

An absolute stunner, these deep purple sprouts are a real winner a a sprout or a microgreen. Beautifully spicy they add colour and flavour to any dish. Can be used both raw and cooked. However cook for a very short time or else you will lose the unique pungent flavour.

Carotenoid and Flavinoid heavy, these are packed full of living phyto-nutrients and make a fantastic addition to your health regime.

As a Microgreen, Tsai-Tsai radish is easy to grow and it can be harvested in both the ‘dicot’ (seed leaf) and in the true leaf stage. The flavour changes as it moves through from sprout to true leaf stage.

Simple to sprout, they will be ready to start eating in 3-5 days. As a Microgreen you can start harvesting at 7 days

 Specially selected seed for use in Livingseeds Sprouting and Microgreen Systems

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Tsai Tsai Radish 200 gr Sprout & Microgreen Seed

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