• Up-To-Date 4.5 kg Potatoes

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Up-To-date is probably one of the most well known and most requested varieties that we are only 'occasionally' able to stock. It has a strong following amongst the older gardeners, who know what they are looking for.

It's been almost impossible to get certified seed potatoes of UTD. Up-to-Date is without a doubt the pre-eminent cooking potato. Developed in Scotland in 1894, this is a heirloom variety that still sets the standard.

Up-to-Date potatoes are never glassy, and are excellent for mash, baked potatoes and chips.

If heat and water stressed during tuber formation (Flowering time) production can suffer and it produces small potatoes. This does not deter potato aficionados as UTD is without comparison in terms of flavour.

4.5 kg of UTD Seed Potatoes.

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Up-To-Date 4.5 kg Potatoes

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