African Heirlooms

These heirlooms are traditional African varieties, typically collected in deep rural villages throughout Africa. These varieties have developed natural disease resistance.

Bird's Eye Mozambique Bastardo

Bird's Eye Mozambique Bastardo

Capsicum frutescens Bastardo indeed!!! This one has a bite like a swift backhand on an angry Port..


Bird's Eye West Park Chilli

Bird's Eye West Park

Capsicum frutescens A very special South African open-pollinated variety. One of the faster-ripen..


Cancer Bush (Kankerbossie) Herb Seed

Cancer Bush (Kankerbossie)

Sutherlandia frutescens (‘Karoo’)Another must-have medicinal plant this selection is of the stronges..


Finger Millet Vegetable Seeds

Finger Millet

Eleusine coracanaThis is a traditional African grain. I like finger millet as birds do not wipe out ..


Hereboontjies Vegetable Seeds


Phaseolus lunatus South Africa's very own lima bean variety. Still grown in certain parts of the ..


Lesotho Charlie Vegetable Seeds

Lesotho Charlie

Cucurbita maxima This amazing pumpkin was given to me by one of my staff members (Charlie). His m..


Liberia Long

Liberia Long

Capsicum frutescens Stunning well flavoured chilli's from Liberia. It is another great addition t..


Loofah Lenyenye African Heirlooms

Loofah Lenyenye

Luffa aegyptiacaThe Lenyenye Loofah is a real South African treasure. One of the rarest of loofahs i..


Mondia - African Ginseng Vegetable Seeds

Mondia - African Ginseng

uMondi, African Ginseng or African Viagra (Mondia whitei) 2021 has been a year of firsts at Livings..


Mutshaina Venda Mustard Vegetable Seeds

Mutshaina Venda Mustard

Locally known as M'shai or Mutshaina this large leaf mustard is the true heirloom variety grown by ..


Nigerian Aya ~ Tiger Nuts Vegetable Seeds

Nigerian Aya ~ Tiger Nuts

Cyperus esculentus var. sativusLivingseeds is the first seed company supplying true Chufa starter ..


Rodo Chilli

Rodo Chilli

Capsicum annuum It is a small wrinkled little chilli from Nigeria. Hot with a very swift burn rig..


Rolet Gem Squash

Rolet Gem Squash

Cucurbita pepo One of the top 3 South African heirloom varieties. This humble little squash is a ..


Sakay Lany Lalli Vegetable Seeds

Sakay Lany Lalli

Capsicum chinense This is an original Livingseeds release. We were gifted the seed in 2013 ..


Shubo from Kano

Shubo from Kano

Capsicum annuum Shubo is a lovely medium-heat pepper from the Kano State of Nigeria. This makes f..


Solwezi Dry Vegetable Seeds

Solwezi Dry

Phaseolus vulgaris An outstanding African Heirloom pole bean variety, the preferred dry bean in Z..


Sugarloaf / Cape Spitz Cabbage

Sugarloaf / Cape Spitz Cabbage

Brassica oleracea capitata A lovely quick growing cabbage with the "sugarloaf" shape. In older ti..


Beulah's Old Sundew

Sundew Beulah's Old

Capsicum baccatumThis variety was given to us by Jason Fox who received it directly from Beulah Mi..


Malawi Sundew

Sundew Malawi

Capsicum Annuum Heirloom. Prolific traditional Malawian piquantè pepper that tastes almost exactly ..


Shan's Sundew

Sundew Shan's

Capsicum baccatum A lovely PEPPADEW™ Piquantè Pepper type pepper. Produces abundantly an..


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