Asian Vegetables

From Chinese cabbage and pak choi to tatsoi and pungent mustards, these crops add interest and variety to both the garden and your plate and have many health benefits, too. Asian vegetables are increasing in popularity and there are more and more exciting varieties becoming available. There are so many new veggies to try, adding interesting flavours and fresh enjoyment to your everyday meals.

Black Knight Tatsoi Vegetable Seed

Black Knight Tatsoi

Brassica rapa An exceptionally dark green tatsoi with a mild flavour. This is a sublimely flavour..


Chinese Leek

Chinese Leek

Allium tuberosumAlso known as Oriental Garlic, Asian Chives, Chinese Chives and Garlic Chives. Chine..


Chinese Water Chestnuts Vegetable Seeds

Chinese Water Chestnuts

Pre-Orders are open. Shipping from Tuesday 6th June*Limited Stocks* Eleocharis dulcis Livingseeds..


Green Wave Mustard Vegetable Seed

Green Wave Mustard

Brassica juncea A very high-yielding mustard. Leaves are heavily curled, frilled, and bright gree..


Lime Streaks Mizuna Vegetable Seed

Lime Streaks Mizuna

Brassica juncea A wonderful Asian green that can be harvested from day 25 at baby-leaf stage, and..


Michihili Chinese Cabbage Vegetable Seed

Michihili Chinese Cabbage

Brassica pekinensis A very quick grower that can be harvested in 55-100 days. This variety has de..


Osaka Purple Mustard Vegetable Seed

Osaka Purple Mustard

Brassica juncea This mustard green (if you can call it green!) is a real stunner. The deep red/pu..


Purple Wave Mustard Vegetable Seeds

Purple Wave Mustard

Brassica juncea This mustard has deeply frilled purple and green leaves and green stems. The inte..


Red Komatsuna Tatsoi Vegetable Seed

Red Komatsuna Tatsoi

Brassica rapaThis variety is also known as mustard spinach, even though it is not related to spinach..


Red Streaks Mizuna Vegetable Seed

Red Streaks Mizuna

Brassica junceaA wonderful Asian green that can be harvested from day 25 at baby-leaf stage, and day..


Savoy Tatsoi Vegetable Seed

Savoy Tatsoi

Brassica rapa The dark green savoyed leaves have a spinach-like appearance with a deliciously mild t..


Scarlet Red Tatsoi Vegetable Seed

Scarlet Red Tatsoi

Brassica rapaThese extraordinary, deep-red, oval leaves have a mild flavour – they are superb raw in..


Shogoin Japanese Turnip Vegetable Seeds

Shogoin Japanese Turnip

Brassica rapa Shogoin is a traditional Japanese turnip variety that is used for both its roots as we..


Snake Gourd Vegetable Seeds

Snake Gourd

Trichosanthes cucumerina A popular Asian vegetable that is typically eaten immature and tastes somew..


Tatsoi Mustard Vegetable Seed

Tatsoi Mustard

Brassica rapaA very cold hardy Asian variety that can even handle heavy frost and snow. The dark gre..


Tokyo Bekana Mustard Vegetable Seeds

Tokyo Bekana Mustard

Brassica rapaThis heat-tolerant variety is often called "small Chinese cabbage." The slightly curled..


White Stem Pak Choi Vegetable Seed

White Stem Pak Choi

Brassica rapaSuper quick-growing white/light-green-stemmed variety. This pak choi will be ready to h..


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