Runner Beans

Runner Beans
Runner Beans

Sparg Pole Bean Beans

Sparg Pole Bean

Phaseolus vulgarisA fantastic pole bean that was given to Livingseeds by the Sparg family. Passed do..

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Succotash  Beans


Phaseolus vulgaris A beautifully dark brown almost deep purple extremely rare dry/ pole bean that..

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Turkey's Craw Runner Beans

Turkey's Craw

Phaseolus vulgarus This seed is said to have been found in a turkeys craw, hence it was named aft..

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Wellington Wonder Beans

Wellington Wonder

Phaseolus vulgaris A prolific producer of large flat pods. This New Zealand heirloom is a real pr..

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Witsa Beans Vegetable Seeds

Witsa Beans

Phaseolus vulgarisReleased in 1964. Witsa bean is a South African variety developed by the Horticult..

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Yard Long or Green Noodle Vegetable Seeds

Yard Long or Green Noodle

Vigna sesquipedalis Heirloom. The yard long bean is a traditional oriental bean that never fails ..

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