Berries are a very popular garden subject. Most often, berries are grown from cuttings; however, seeds are also a viable option. It must be noted that many berry plants will not breed true from seed. Livingseeds endeavours to ensure we only supply true open-pollinated berry seed, so the seed you buy from us will breed true to type.

Cape Gooseberry Vegetable Seeds

Cape Gooseberry

Physalis peruviana As you bite into a Cape gooseberry, it pops in your mouth, releasing that wond..


Garden Huckleberry Vegetable Seeds

Garden Huckleberry

Solanum melanocerasum Also known as Wonderberry. A variety of Black Nightshade, this berry is n..


Kerr's Giant Cape Gooseberry Vegetable Seeds

Kerr's Giant Cape Gooseberry

Physalis peruvianaThis awesome "giant" Cape gooseberry was a selection created by Bill Kerr for a la..


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Berries, Vegetable Seeds

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