A favourite in the garden and kitchen, celery is relatively easy to grow, as long as you follow a few simple steps. Celery requires full sun and well-enriched soil. A good fertiliser like Talborne Vita Grow at planting is essential, and then at 6 weeks, Talborne Vita Green will see you through to harvest.

Good watering is the number one secret to thick, tasty, tender stems. This is especially true during hot weather where a few water-stressed days can put paid to your harvest. This is where a good, thick mulch will help to ensure your success.

Blanching is a personal preference and we prefer the stronger flavour of unblanched celery.

Peppermint Stick Celery

Peppermint Stick

Apium graveolensThis celery variety is a magnificent addition to your garden and culinary creations...


Tall Utah Celery Vegetable Seed

Tall Utah

Apium graveolensIntroduced to US gardens in 1953, celery is an often ridiculed crop, as many believe..


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