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One of the hardest heirloom crops to keep pure and uninfected by GMOs is corn (maize). The first and probably the most important rule is your stand size. Maize plantings cannot be less than 40 plants. This is the absolute minimum and double would be better.

There is no way that one can effectively save seed from year to year of an open-pollinated (OP) maize variety with less than 40 plants. If you do, you will find that you will have destroyed the genetic variation essential in heirloom and OP corn varieties that can never be recovered. Also with a stand size of less than 40 plants, you will also find that a high percentage of your harvest will be poorly pollinated and kernels will be missing on the cob.

Fortunately, we at Livingseeds understand that besides just getting a crop to eat, many of you would like to save your precious corn seed from year to year. We supply a minimum of 80 seeds and often well over 100 seeds so that you have the means in every single packet to enable you to save your corn seed from year to year. 

Read Keeping Heirloom Corn Seed Pure for more information on how to plant and save your seed.

Black Aztec Corn Vegetable Seeds

Black Aztec Corn

Zea mays A stunning producer of small, dark purple-black cobs, this variety was donated to us by..


Bloody Butcher Corn Vegetable Seeds

Bloody Butcher Corn

TESTED GM-Infection FREE For Roundup Ready®, Cyr1 and Cyr2 (Bt resistant traits) Zea mays An i..


Border King Maize Vegetable Seeds

Border King Maize

Zea maysBorder King is one of South Africa's original commercial varieties. This open pollinated var..


Chires Baby Sweetcorn Vegetable Seeds

Chires Baby Sweetcorn

Zea mays A real miniature Open pollinated corn, these plants can produce up to 20 ears on well gr..


Dakota Black Popcorn Vegetable Seeds

Dakota Black Popcorn

Zea maysOpen pollinated. A seriously tasty popcorn. As with the Strawberry popcorn, this is a gourme..


Glass Gem Corn Vegetable Seeds

Glass Gem Corn

Zea maysOh, are we excited about this new corn variety!We have been growing this out for a few years..


Golden Bantam Sweetcorn Vegetable Seeds

Golden Bantam Sweetcorn

Zea maysA very famous sweetcorn, we have been working with this variety for 4 years to bring you the..


Green Oaxacan Corn Vegetable Seeds

Green Oaxacan Corn

Zea maysGreen Oaxacan is probably the oldest dent corn variety that we have in our collection. Highl..


Kalahari Early Pearl Corn / Maize

Kalahari Early Pearl

Zea maysAn open pollinated maize variety which is very popular in South Africa.The cobs grow to arou..


Krug Dent Vegetable Seeds

Krug Dent

Zea mays Heirloom. Krug Dent corn is one of the oldest commercial varieties. that was origina..


Sahara Corn Corn / Maize

Sahara Corn

Zea maysThis open pollinated yellow maize variety has large cobs with dents at the crown of each ker..


Strawberry Popcorn Vegetable Seeds

Strawberry Popcorn

Zea mays This is possibly the best popcorn I have ever eaten. The kernels pop into a small bright..


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