Chicory is just one of the members of the endive family, which also includes escarole, radicchio, and frisée. Like its relatives, the endive boasts a crisp texture and pleasant bitterness that can add a lovely, fresh flavour to salads and recipes of all kinds.

Endives are a cool-season crop that will bolt easily and grow increasingly bitter in high temperatures. While it is best known in Europe, we believe that endives deserve a place at tables around the world. So, why not grow your own this year?

Batavian Full Heart Endive Vegetable Seeds

Batavian Full Heart Endive

Cichorium endivaBatavian Full Heart was crowned the All American Selection crop back in 1934 and ha..


Catalogna Emerald Vegetable Seeds

Catalogna Emerald

Cichorium intybusThis endive is AKA Italian Dandelion Chicory because of the leaves resembling dande..


Chicoree Angel Hair

Chicoree Angel Hair

Cichorium intybus Chicoree Angel Hair is a lettuce-like endive, that is traditionally enjoyed thr..


Green Curled Ruffec Endive Vegetable Seeds

Green Curled Ruffec

Cichorium endiva A.k.a. frisée, this French heirloom endive boasts deeply cut, dark green leaves...


Italian Red Stem Dandelion Chicory Vegetable Seeds

Italian Red Stem Dandelion

Cichorium intybusThis Italian heirloom is not a true dandelion but a member of the chicory family.Th..


Radicchio rossa de Verona July

Radicchio rossa de Verona

Cichorium intybusItalian Heirloom. Radicchio (Pronounced Ra Di Kio) is a well-known traditional leaf..


Rossa di Treviso Radicchio Vegetable Seeds

Rossa di Treviso Radicchio

Cichorium intybus Rossa di Treviso is the quintessential Italian heirloom. Burgundy-red leaves wi..


Sugar Loaf Chicory

Sugar Loaf Chicory

Cichorium intybusAn Heirloom with an exceptional flavour. The large and tightly headed chicory that ..


Witloof Chicory Vegetable Seeds

Witloof Chicory

Chicorium intybus “Witloof” which means white leaf, is quick and easy to grow as a salad green. I..


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