Green Manures

Green Manures are a vital tool for the eco-gardener or farmer. They are typically used during the winter months (but not always) to provide cover for the bare winter soil, to help increase nitrogen content of the soil and to help build soil quality and organic content.

We offer a number of different green manures for various uses and applications. Please see the description of each green manure to asses how you would apply it on your property.

Alfalfa Green Manure Green Manures

Alfalfa Green Manure Seed

Medicago sativaA superb green manure that improves your soil structure and also prevents soil erosio..


Assegaai Clover July

Assegaai Clover

A stunning clover that gets it's name from the markings on the leaves. This is a very beneficial clo..


Autumn/Winter Chicken Pasture Mix

Autumn/Winter Chicken Pasture Mix

This mix has been selected specifically to help feed your chooks over winter, helping to give them g..


Barley Cover Crop Green Manures

Barley Green Manure

Hordeum vulgareAn effective cover crop which produces a large volume of biomass. This assists in wee..


Black Mustard 180gr Sprout & Microgreen Seed

Black Mustard 180gr

Black Mustard (Brassica juncea) Our most popular mustard variety. Nice and spicy as a sprout, ..


Black Oats Green Manures

Black Oats

Avena StrigosaBlack Oats or Saia Oats is one of the worlds oldest cover crops. Planted specifically ..


Buckwheat Green Manure Seed Green Manures

Buckwheat Green Manure Seed

Fagopyrum esculentumBuckwheat is a fast growing, excellent weed suppressor with a lovely fibrous, sh..


Chicken Pasture Mix Spring/Summer Green Manures

Chicken Pasture Mix Spring/Summer

This superb blend has been specially selected to provide scrumptious, nutritious greens for your cho..


Fenugreek Green Manure Seed Green Manures

Fenugreek Green Manure Seed

Trigonella foenum-graecumFenugreek is a great weed competitor as it grows faster than weeds. Using f..


Inoculated Vetch Green Manures

Inoculated Vetch

ViciaInoculating seed adds effective bacteria to the seed before planting, making sure there is enou..


Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Autumn/Winter) Green Manures

Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Autumn/Winter)

A multi-species winter cover crop is the perfect way to ensure massive amounts of atmospheric carbon..


Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Spring/Summer) Green Manures

Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Spring/Summer)

A multi-species warm season cover crop is the perfect way to ensure massive amounts of atmospheric..


Red Clover Green Manures

Red Clover

Trifolium pratenseA wonderful green manure, it's long taproot lifts minerals and trace elements from..




Crotalaria junceaA fast growing summer cover crop which improves the quality of your soil, supresses..


Vetch Green Manures


ViciaA massive biomass producer and will provide many kilos of above ground vegetation that will red..


White Clover Green Manures

White Clover

Trifolium repensWhite Clover is a great green manure to help increase nitrogen in your soil as it is..


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