Need some extra sunshine for your garden? Or something completely different and awe-inspiring? These sunflowers are stunning, and practical, too. They provide food for the birds and the bees, food for us, and pure golden oil, with a majestic beauty as an added bonus.

There are short dwarf varieties, giants that grow over 16 feet tall, and varieties in between. They are all highly attractive in the garden.

Sun-loving, sunflowers enjoy being planted directly where they are to grow once the temperatures have warmed up sufficiently. Soil temp should ideally be 13-16°C for good germination.

Burnt Umber Sunflower Vegetable Seeds

Burnt Umber Sunflower

Helianthus AnnuusThis is a beautiful sunflower that really stands out in the garden. It has a very h..


Evening Sun Sunflower Vegetable Seeds

Evening Sun Sunflower

Helianthus annuusLimited stock These sensational sunflowers are guaranteed to brighten up your su..


Sunflower Nigerian Oilseed Vegetable Seeds

Sunflower Nigerian Oilseed

Helianthus annuus WOW !!! This is a real stunner. The seeds are huge and are great for shelling a..


Sunflower Tarahumara Vegetable Seeds

Sunflower Tarahumara

Helianthus annuusA superb heirloom sunflower that was originally thought to have been introduced to ..


Sunflower Titan

Sunflower Titan

Helianthus annuusThis is a competition variety. Titan is grown for two competition entries, the firs..


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