Contrary to what summer salads may suggest, lettuce is in fact a cool-season crop that does best in spring, late summer, and autumn. High heat causes lettuce to bolt and run to seed. To slow summer lettuce from bolting, plant bolt-resistant varieties in light shade in mid-summer. In all other seasons, lettuce should be planted in full sun.

Thermal dormancy can be an issue where lettuce does not germinate in soil temperatures above 15°C. If planting in the very hot months (Nov-Feb), then chill seed in the fridge for a few days to break dormancy. Lettuce also needs to be shallowly sown as it requires light to germinate. All of these points can make it difficult for the novice to sow successfully every time.

Lettuce will germinate in temperatures as low as 5°C, so don’t be scared to sow directly outside early in the season. If in doubt about keeping direct-sown seed moist, cover with a thin hessian cloth for the first 5 days.

Lettuce enjoys high levels of soil fertility. Although best started off in seedling trays, lettuce can be direct-seeded and thinned in the beds.

All Year Round Lettuce Vegetable Seed

All Year Round Lettuce

Lactuca sativa A great heading butter lettuce that can literally be planted all year round. In co..


Arianna Lettuce Vegetable Seed


Lactuca sativa An extremely attractive French heirloom with bright green leaves. Bolt and tip-bu..


Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Vegetable Seed

Black Seeded Simpson

Lactuca sativa A stunning loose-leaf heirloom introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. in the 1870..


Blonde de Paris

Blonde de Paris

Lactuca sativa Batavian heading lettuce. Good yields of crisp, light coloured heads. Does requi..


Blushed Butter Cos Lettuce Vegetable Seed

Blushed Butter Cos

Lactuca sativaA beautifully coloured, savoyed, and dense cos lettuce. The frost-hardy leaves are gre..


Blushed Butter Oak

Blushed Butter Oak

Lactuca sativaA beautiful coloured loosely packed lettuce which is cold hardy. The tender leaves are..


Butter King Lettuce Vegetable Seeds

Butter King

Lactuca sativaThis is a real winner in South Africa. Growing lettuce is tough here as it doesn't tol..


Buttercrunch Lettuce Vegetable Seeds


Lactuca sativa Developed at Cornell University in the early 1960s, this variety has since become ..


Capitaine Lettuce Vegetable Seed


Lactuca sativaA superb butterhead variety that produces large, compact, bright green heads with sli..


Chinese Sword Lettuce Vegetable Seeds

Chinese Sword

Lactuca sativaAlso known as Taiwan sword leaf lettuce, pointed leaf lettuce, and Oriental lettuce. T..


Cimmaron Lettuce Vegetable Seeds


Lactuca sativa An absolute favourite! This 18th-century heirloom is a Romaine-type lettuce that p..


Dark Green Cos Lettuce Vegetable Seeds

Dark Green Cos

Lactuca sativaDeep green, slightly crinkled leaves form an upright loose head of lettuce. These leav..


Deer Tongue Really Red Lettuce Vegetable Seed

Deer Tongue Really Red

Lactuca sativaA stunning heirloom boasting ruby-red, slightly pointed leaves with contrasting thick ..


Freckles Lettuce Vegetable Seeds


Lactuca sativaA late 18th-century heirloom Romaine-type lettuce from Austria and Southern Germany. I..


Gabriella Lettuce Vegetable Seed


Lactuca sativaA beautiful, deep wine red-coloured loose-leaf type. The leaves are frilly and wrinkle..


Gourmet Lettuce Mix Vegetable Seed

Gourmet Lettuce Mix

Lactuca sativa This gourmet mix is made up of a variety of loose-leaf and heading varieties that ..


Great Lakes Lettuce Vegetable Seed

Great Lakes

Lactuca sativa Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a good heading lettuce. Great Lakes was..


Iceberg Lettuce Vegetable Seeds


Lactuca sativa Introduced in 1895, Iceberg set the original standard for crisphead lettuce. While..


Iya Sol Lettuce Vegetable Seed

Iya Sol

Lactuca sativaA beautiful, frilly loose-leaf Romaine lettuce. Stunning red leaves grow straight up a..


Jericho Lettuce


Lactuca sativaAn open-pollinated cos-type variety developed in Israel, Jericho lettuce produces very..


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