A traditional African staple that is now a global crop, peanuts are legumes that literally plant themselves. As soon as the small ground-hugging flower dies, a spike will elongate and descend into the soil, where the peanut will grow in the safety of the roots of the mother plant.

To harvest, wait until the plant has almost completely died back and then lift with a fork. The precious peanuts will be hanging in clusters beneath the plant.

Chalimbana Peanuts Peanuts

Chalimbana Peanuts

Arachis hypogaeaChalimbana, one of Africa's best known varieties, originates from Malawi and can oft..


Mtedza Blantyre Peanut Vegetable Seeds

Mtedza Blantyre Peanut

Arachis hypogaeaThis is a beautiful rich red peanut from Blantyre in Malawi. Traditionally eaten raw..


Mulanje Peanut Vegetable Seeds

Mulanje Peanut

Arachis hypogaeaSo you want to make you own organic peanut butter. Well this is the peanut for you. ..


Mulato Peanut Peanuts

Mulato Peanut

Arachis hypogaeaA very large dark brown peanut from our neighbours in Mozambique. With a superb bold..


Senqu Peanut Peanuts

Senqu Peanut

Arachis hypogaea Originally collected from an informal market in Marakabei Lesotho which is on ..


Tswana Manoko Peanut Vegetable Seeds

Tswana Manoko Peanut

Arachis hypogaeaThis is probably the highest yielding peanut we have! Really excellent producer of s..


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