Bolero Peas July

Bolero Peas

A superb freezing pea with a high sugar content. Bolero is a Powdery Mildew resistant, so you will b..

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Cascadia Peas Peas

Cascadia Peas

Pisum sativumA snap pea variety which was originally developed by the Oregon State University. This ..

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Golden Sweet Pea Peas

Golden Sweet Pea

Pisum sativumA stunning yellow mangetout pea variety. This variety has green foliage and produces s..

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Greenfeast Peas

Greenfeast Peas

Pisum sativum Greenfeast is one of the staples in our family. We annually plant 2 double rows of ..

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Oregon Giant Peas Peas

Oregon Giant Peas

Pisium sativumAn Open Pollinated snow pea variety that was bred by DR James Baggett of the Oregon St..

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Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea July

Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea

Pisum sativum It is a really cool pea variety that is the original Mangetout. That is low growing..

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Purple Podded Shelling Pea Peas

Purple Podded Shelling Pea

Pisium sativumAn attractive Dutch Heirloom that will have your neighbours talking about the pretty p..

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Shiraz Peas Peas

Shiraz Peas

Pisum sativumA mangetout variety with deeply coloured flat purple pods which wil be a stunning plant..

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Sugar Ann Snap Pea Peas

Sugar Ann Snap Pea

Pisum sativumA prolific producer of light green snap peas which is very easy to grow and has very lo..

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