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Peppers are long-season, heat-loving crops that can vary from 75 days to well over 120 days before they produce usable fruits. They are best started in seedling trays and then transplanted to their final growing positions. Use a heat mat to increase the bottom temperature if you are starting seed off early indoors. This will ensure the fastest and most even germination of your precious seed.

Note that the hotter the pepper, the harder to germinate and grow. So if you are new to extreme chilli production, then do some research first.

Intolerant of any cold, leaves will burn and production will stop at the first frost. In frost-free areas, plants can live for a number of years, growing to a considerable size. Growers in the warmer areas of the country are able to harvest fruit a full 4 to 6 weeks earlier on overwintered plants.

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7 Pot Barrackpore Vegetable Seeds

7 Pot Barrackpore

Capsicum chinenseThis 7 Pot is originally from the island of Trinidad. This super-rare, superhot chi..


7 Pot Bubblegum (BBG) Red Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Bubblegum Red

Capsicum chinenseThe uniqueness of this chilli is the "bleeding" of red colouring into the calyx and..


7 Pot Chaguanas Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Chaguanas

Capsicum chinense The story behind the 7 Pot is that one pod has enough heat to properly spice up..


7 Pot Congo Giant SR Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Congo Giant SR

Capsicum chinenseThis special 7 Pot is out to impress in that it produces GIGANTIC fruits with lovel..


7 Pot Douglah Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Douglah

Capsicum chinense A.k.a. Douglah Chocolate, this variety is rated by many to be the hottest chill..


7 Pot Infinity Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Infinity

Capsicum chinenseBred by chilli breeder Nick Woods of Fire Woods, Grantham, Lincolnshire. It is said..


7 Pot Orange Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Orange

Capsicum chinenseThis rare Caribbean variety originates from Trinidad. The pods ripen from green to ..


7 Pot Red Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Red

Capsicum chinense The story behind the 7 Pot is that one chilli has enough heat to properly s..


7 Pot Scorpion Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Scorpion

Capsicum chinenseThis stunning superhot variety was created by crossing 7 Pot Red and Trinidad Scorp..


7 Pot Yellow Extreme Peppers

7 Pot Yellow

Capsicum chinense Livingseeds has been growing this 7 Pot Yellow strain for almost a decade now, ..


Aji Cachucha Peppers/Chillis

Aji Cachucha

Capsicum chinenseAlso known as Aji Dulce or Aji Gustoso, this beauty is from the Caribbean and Latin..


Aji Criolla Sella Vegetable Seeds

Aji Criolla Sella

Capsicum baccatum An easy-to-grow and high-yielding heirloom from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, th..


Aji Amarillo

Aji Duke Amarillo

Capsicum baccatum A staple chilli in Peru, Aji Amarillo is most often found dried in markets and ..


Aji Guyana

Aji Guyana

Capsicum baccatumOriginating from Guyana in South America, this is a truly prolific producer. The ta..


Aji Lemon

Aji Lemon

Capsicum baccatum Another Peruvian chilli with pronounced citrus flavour and beautiful burn. Don'..


Aji Mango Stumpy Vegetable Seeds

Aji Mango Stumpy

Capsicum baccatumA medium-heat chilli with delectably sweet and fruity flavours when fresh – some sa..


Aji Norteno Vegetable Seeds

Aji Norteno

Capsicum baccatumA rare chilli originating from the northern coastal valleys of Peru.The plants prod..


Aji Pineapple

Aji Pineapple

Capsicum baccatum This is an awesome, rare Peruvian heirloom. Classic Aji flavours dominate, complem..


Aji Sugar Rush Vegetable Seeds

Aji Sugar Rush

Capsicum baccatumThis beautiful rich-red chilli lives up to its name, with a rush of sweet heat that..


Alstav Pepper Vegetable Seeds

Alstav Pepper

Lovely medium heat pepper that is simply perfect for stuffing or using as a bulking pepper in recipe..


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