Extreme Peppers

Extreme Peppers

!!! WARNING !!! These are extremely hot chillis. They are NOT toys, nor are they ingredients for practical jokes.

OK, now with that out the way.

There are a number of superlatives and adjectives that can be used to describe the chillis in this section: incandescent, spontanious combustion, explosive, volcanic, dangerous, blazing, scorching, intense, blistering, severe, brutal and malicious are just some of them. These are not for the 'average joe' that likes his chillis.

How do you know if these are the chilli's for you? This is the simple test, and if you answer no to this question, then click the back button on your browser, you are out of your depth here.

Can you eat whole Habaneo chillis like sweets? If yes, then you are at the right place. If the answer is no, well sorry to say these little fire bombs are not for you.

If you are new to growing chilli's, start with one of the easier chillis and come back to these in a year or so once you have gained a bit of experience.

All of the chillis in this section exceed 600 000 SHU and many of them go well over 1 000 000 SHU. We have found that the hotter the chilli, the harder it is to get them to germinate and grow properly. We have spoken to a number of chilli growers and the feedback is the same. The hotter the chilli the harder it is to get them to germinate, grow and produce a good crop.

Growing these chillis takes a bit more effort than just sticking the seed in the ground. All of these seeds need to be started off in seed trays, they require a minimum bottom heat of 24 deg C and some can take over 30 days to germinate.

Many of the varieties sold in this section are sold with only 10 seeds per packet.

Please Note: Chilli's WILL cross pollinate, if you do not isolate your varieties the second generation seed will be contaminated and not worth saving. Please have a look at the seed saving instructions on http://www.selfsustainable.co.za and use blossom bags to keep your seed pure.

Caramel Bhut Jolokia Peppers / Chillis

Caramel Bhut Jolokia

Capsicum chinenseA natural caramel colour variant of the original Red Bhut Jolokia which ripens from..

R32.00 Ex Tax: R32.00

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Capsicum chinense It's as hot as its evil looking! This is one seriously super-hot chilli, a b..

R40.00 Ex Tax: R40.00

Germination Heating Pad Peppers / Chillis

Germination Heating Pad

Heating pads used for the germination of difficult seedlings (Chillis, brinjals, Lemongrass) but alm..

R132.83 Ex Tax: R115.50

Red Savina Vegetable Seeds

Red Savina

One of the most famous chillies is the world. The original Hottest Chilli in the world. Most often u..

R32.00 Ex Tax: R32.00

Trinidad Morouga Scorpion

Trinidad Morouga Scorpion

Insane ! Currently the worlds hottest chilli, with the fruits of some plants ranking at over 2 00..

R32.00 Ex Tax: R32.00

Yellow Trinidad Scorpion

Yellow Trinidad Scorpion

Capsicum chinense Spectacular, productive bushes that get to around waist high. These babies ..

R34.00 Ex Tax: R34.00

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