Pumpkins are long-season, tender annuals that thrive on lots of food and water. If you can provide a well-composted site and water the plants well, then you will be rewarded with lovely fruit that will store well. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from little personal stuffers to mammoth, competition-winning giants. Most pumpkins need to ripen fully on the vine for the best flavour, texture, and storage. Some varieties, if left to mature properly on the vine, can store for well over 6 months.

Best planted as early in the season as possible, as late-planted pumpkins can be subject to insect and disease attacks. The two most common problems are pumpkin fly and aphid-transmitted viral diseases. The earlier you can get your plants growing, the better chance you have of getting your crop in before these become an issue.

Cinderella Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cucurbita maxima This pumpkin is also known as Rouge vifd’Etampes, which originated from France. ..


Connecticut Field Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Cucurbita maxima For those of you looking for "Halloween Pumpkins" or pumpkins to make traditiona..


Galeux d'eysines Vegetable Seeds

Galeux d'eysines

Cucurbit maxima Magnifique et irrésistible!! This French heirloom is just pure awesome. A lovely ..


Giant Pumpkin Competition Commercial Seed Vegetable Seeds

Giant Pumpkin Competition Commercial Seed

Our Commercial seed is some of the best seed available on the South African Market. The seed is made..


Jack be Little Vegetable Seeds

Jack be Little

Cucurbita pepoOriginally given to us by Jane Griffiths. Oh, the wonder of these tiny little pumpk..


Jarrahdale Vegetable Seeds


Cucurbita maximaThis is simply a superb pumpkin, boasting long storage, good production and a very t..


Juane Gros de Paris Vegetable Seeds

Juane Gros de Paris

Cucurbita maxima A very cool pumpkin with a great history. For those of you interested in the Gia..


Lady Godiva Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Lady Godiva Pumpkin

Cucurbita pepo This pumpkin is not known for its flesh, its the seeds that are the real treasure ..


Lesotho Charlie Vegetable Seeds

Lesotho Charlie

Cucurbita maxima This amazing pumpkin was given to me by one of my staff members (Charlie). His m..


Long Island Cheese Vegetable Seeds

Long Island Cheese

Cucurbita moschataA Pumpkin that looks like a wheel of cheese with a pale yellow-tan coloured smooth..


Manhanga Pumpkin

Manhaga Pumpkin

Cucurbita moschataA popular pumpkin variety from Zimbabwe. These pumpkins produce lovely, slightly f..


Marina di Chioggia Vegetable Seeds

Marina di Chioggia

Cucurbita maxima This is a traditional Italian heirloom pumpkin with an iron bark skin. It takes ..


Musque de Provence Vegetable Seeds

Musque de Provence

Cucurbita moschata This pumpkin originates from the south of France, also known as the fairytale ..


New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pumpkins

New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Cucurbita pepoA small orange sugar pumpkin from New England. As its name suggests it is a perfect pu..


Ol Zeb's Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Ol Zeb's Pumpkin

Cucurbita pepo A classic old pumpkin variety that is good for cooking and carving. Beautiful deep..


Queensland Blue Vegetable Seeds

Queensland Blue

Cucurbita maxima This favourite Australian heirloom is a strange looking top heavy pumpkin that g..


Strawberry Crown Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Strawberry Crown Pumpkin

Cucurbita maximaThis pumpkin was discovered in the 1980's in Brazil by American seed collector Mary ..


Triamble Squash Vegetable Seeds

Triamble Squash

Cucurbita maxima Oh, we are very excited about this new pumpkin variety. This pumpkin is also kno..


Turks Turber Mini Pumpkins

Turks Turban Mini

Cucurbita maximaA mini version of the classic Turks Turban Pumpkin. You can expect all the same qual..


Turks Turban Pumpkin Vegetable Seeds

Turks Turban Pumpkin

Cucurbita maxima One of the most beautiful pumpkins to grow in your garden. Productive and tasty ..


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