A traditional African crop, often called “milo” in Europe and America, sorghum is often relegated to animal feed and not much attention is paid to its food value. We carry a number of really interesting varieties that can be used for crafts, in making sugar, and as a cereal grain.

Sorghum is a tall-growing grain crop with heads often exceeding 3m in height. It was refined in the Americas where they had specific strains to fulfil the needs of a sugar and/or syrup substitute.

We are very fortunate to have these varieties in our collection for you to experiment with.

Ames Amber Sorghum Vegetable Seeds

Ames Amber Sorghum

Sorghum bicolorLIMITED STOCK!Outstanding sorghum variety used for the production of syrup. Produces ..


Apache Red Sorghum (Sugar Cane) Vegetable Seeds

Apache Red Sorghum (Sugar Cane)

Sorghum bicolorThis variety is also known as Apache Red Sugar Cane which is technically incorrect, i..


Charlies Sotho Sorghum

Charlies Sotho Sorghum

Sorghum bicolorA traditional sorghum from Lesotho most often used as a sugar cane substitute. This ..


Honey Drip Sorghum Vegetable Seeds

Honey Drip Sorghum

Sorghum bicolorLIMITED STOCK!This sorghum variety was developed to produce a light sorghum molasses...


Indian Red Popping Sorghum Vegetable Seeds

Indian Red Popping Sorghum

Sorghum bicolorStunning popping sorghum! This sorghum can be popped exactly like you would pop norma..


Multicoloured Broomcorn Vegetable Seeds

Multicoloured Broomcorn

Sorghum bicolorSuper tall (3m+) sorghum that produces naturally coloured stems. The seed is attached..


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