Spinach is most often misunderstood in South Africa. We commonly call Swiss chard spinach, when in fact, they are two entirely different crops. True spinach is most often sold in SA shops as “baby spinach.”

Spinach is a quick-growing, cool-season crop that prefers well-improved soils and high moisture levels. Plant in late summer as the soil temps start to drop, or in early spring for a baby leaf crop. Spinach does not tolerate high summer temperatures. If planting in mid-summer, then cool the seeds for 3 days in the fridge before planting.

Black Magic Spinach Vegetable Seeds

Black Magic Spinach

Spinacea oleraceaA great yielding, slow bolting Italian spinach variety with dark green savoyed leav..


Bloomsdale Longstanding Vegetable Seeds

Bloomsdale Longstanding

Spinacia oleracea One of the most loved heirloom spinach varieties. Leaves are beautifully savoye..


Lorelei Spinach Vegetable Seeds

Lorelei Spinach

Spinacea oleraceaNow this is an ancient treasure! Lorelei is a European spinach variety with a rich ..


Matador Spinach Spinach

Matador Spinach

Spinacea oleraceaA really fast growing Open pollinated variety which is a prolific producer of dark ..


Monstrous Viroflay

Monstrous Viroflay

Spinacia oleraceaA very well-known, old,  French heirloom from 1866. This variety produces very..


Spinach America Vegetable Seeds

Spinach America

Spinacea oleraceaAn excellent producer of thick dark green and deeply savoyed spinach leaves, which ..


Winter Giant Spinach July

Winter Giant Spinach

Spinacia oleraceaA deliciously buttery flavoured spinach which is a prolific producer and frost tole..


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