The essential ingredient for salsa verde! Tomatillos are delicious raw; just chop them in half and toss them into your salad to add a unique and interesting flavour profile.

A summer crop, start them off indoors 4 weeks before the last frost and only plant them out once any danger of frost has passed. The fruit will swell into the husk as the husk dries out and can be harvested “green” or ripe, depending on your taste preference.

Pineapple Tomatillo Vegetable Seeds

Pineapple Tomatillo

Physalis philadelphica A pineapple flavoured version of the green tomatillo. Can be eaten from gr..


Purple Tomatillo Vegetable Seeds

Purple Tomatillo

Physalis ixocarpaTomatillo's are related to gooseberries and grow in a sprawling habit with similar ..


Tomatillo Really Purple Vegetable Seeds

Tomatillo Really Purple

Physalis ixocarpaDeep purple fruits that are packed with flavour. Tomatillo Really Purple produces a..


Tomatillo Verde Vegetable Seeds

Tomatillo Verde

Physalis ixocarpaTomatillo's are my favorite new fruit of the season. They are related to gooseberri..


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Tomatillo, Vegetable Seeds

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