Perennial crops are the lazy gardener's best friend! They keep on giving year after year, saving time and effort, while providing a constant supply of delicious homegrown food.

Chayamansa Tree Spinach Trees

Chayamansa Tree Spinach

Tree Spinach / Chaya Cnidoscolus aconitifolius var. ‘Chayamansa’ *** SEASONAL PRODUCT ***Chayamansa..


Lowveld Chestnut Trees

Lowveld Chestnut

Sterculia murexThe Lowveld Chestnut is a fascinating species restricted in nature to the terrain sur..


Mondia - African Ginseng Vegetable Seeds

Mondia - African Ginseng

uMondi, African Ginseng or African Viagra (Mondia whitei) 2021 has been a year of firsts at Livings..


Moringa Tree Vegetable Seeds

Moringa Tree

Moringa oleifera A very fast growing tree that is packed with an almost unbelievable number of he..


Mountain Papaya Vegetable Seeds

Mountain Papaya

Carica quercifolia(Mountain Papaya, Oak Leafed Papaya, Pawpaw Berry)LIMITED STOCK!This is a stout,..


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