Turmeric & Ginger

Please Note:
  • Turmeric, ginger, and galangal are seasonal specialty crops. We supply roots ready for planting in February/March.

  • If you would like a heads-up on when we have stock, please ensure you have signed up to our newsletter. This past year, we sold out very quickly.

  • Livingseeds has working on a supply of ginger and turmeric for a number of years. We have the largest selection of ginger and turmeric available and carry many varieties of each. Based on our grow-outs and harvests for each season, the varieties of ginger and turmeric will fluctuate.

How to Grow Ginger, Turmeric & Galangal

Ginger and turmeric have almost become staples in the South African household, with both spices being used in cooking as well as medicinal applications. The roots are typically dried and then ground into a spice that can keep for months if stored correctly. However, it’s the fresh root that really shines.

Ginger and turmeric are tropical plants that will do well in any frost-free area. If you get frost, then planting them into a pot is highly recommended so that you can move it when winter arrives.

These are also long-season crops and will take at least a full season to get going – plant in February/March to harvest the following year in February/March. More often, people leave their roots in the ground and only harvest in the second season. This will give you much sturdier plants and three times the roots than if you only waited one year. The choice, naturally, is yours.

These plants are hungry and will repay you handsomely if you feed them well. A handful of Talborne Vita Green in spring and then a handful of Vita Grow in early summer will set you up for a great harvest. Plant them in soil that has been thoroughly enriched with compost or other organic matter and mulch them deeply. Water stress will see the plants producing smaller, more fibrous roots.

They do not enjoy full sun the whole day, and the plants will languish if they receive too much sun. A nice semi-shaded spot or that corner of the veggie garden that gets the most shade is where you want to plant these guys.

Harvesting is simple. In February, a beautiful flower will make an appearance. Enjoy the flowers and know that as soon as they die down, you can harvest your own organic roots. Make sure to save some to replant – this is one crop you can harvest and then replant immediately.

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