Yellow Funnel Trap + Pheromone lure

Another outstanding cost effective long-term pheromone based trap. This trap will last for 20 weeks from placement.

Place the trap 300mm above the crop on a pole / support. This lure is best placed up wind of at the start of the crop. Check the trap, record and clear out and trapped insects every 7 days.

If you continuously use the trap over the entire season, adults will be trapped and it will help to prevent / break the pest cycle for the next season. Cutworm eggs especially overwinter in the soil, if the adult egg-laying cycle is broken in summer/autumn, then your cutworm issues the following season will be greatly reduced.

If you have cutworm issues this is one of the ways to assist with removing the adults from your environment. Please note that the cutworm life-cycle is temperature dependent and they often overwinter in the soil.

These traps are designed to remove adults and not the actual cutworm in it's larval stage.

We strongly recommend that you have these traps running the entire growing season, as the adults of all three types of pests will start to fly from early September.

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Cutworm, Tomato Bollworm and Tomato Semi Looper : Trap System

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